Sunday, March 21, 2010


this was an illustration done for illustration friday based on the word clumsy . i did two version of this one in my messy child style and this one using reference.
Heres an earlier example of my practicing trying to use reference of photos and make realistic art this was taken from a magazine i found at my mates house.
heres a recent thing its a portrait of my jit done from photo he asked so i did . i havent really done much portrait work for a while so i gave it a go im really trying to expand my skills soo i can do everything .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the nevas

so here is some of comic book stuff that im doing amongst all the other shit that i do . these are two are the nevas part of my take on the fates i have to do the middle sister but here are neva_where and neva-here the oldest and youngest of the sisters i did these drawings in the ack of my dads ute coming back from queensland im hoping to have started this by the end of the year enjoy

more stuff

this is a peice for illustration friday done to the word muddy based around sprirted away. i did this peice as a practice for using copic markers

stuff ive been doing latley

imm bacck and with pictures this time .. most of this stuff is from a little while ago but what the hell. heres some pretty things . this one is a terry pratchett tribute cover i did for a group im part of the melbourne sci fi club this pic went onto the cover for the club magazine. i did it based on the witches out of pratchets novels they are my fav charters particly nanny ogg

Sunday, March 14, 2010

welcome to flickbeast

alright well here we are i now have a blog im trying to figure out if this good or not . so i now have a place for my art and to talk all bout me which is not that much different from real life where i talk at people.. so bascially this is a place for art what im hoping to have by the end of this year. is place that features my art and collaborations with others . this will be a gallery zine comic strip everthing place lets see hows it goes..
sorry if im not making much sense not enough sleep lots of working not enough of anything else.
so first post will be tomorrow yay pretty art for everyone